Transforming your business using Augmented Reality (AR) does not have to be a daunting prospect. AR allows your customers to interact with your business in innovative and creative ways. It enables your customers to unlock information and experiences at the touch of a button using only their iPad or mobile devices and a tracking pad. While this might sound like a costly and time extensive activity, you can create AR experiences on a budget by utilising the various apps that are on the market now.

How does it work

Sitting in the app store are apps such as Aurasma and Layer. The free versions allow users to create and manage their own augmented reality experiences with easy to use drag and drop actions. These apps allow you to link track pads (that is the trigger the camera needs to see to be able to generate the content), with the digital content you have already created. Essentially, this means you can link digital content such as video clips, product information and website links to printed collateral such as flyers, business cards or products.

Using AR apps in a few simple steps

It is as easy as creating the digital content and linking it to printed collateral using an AR app such as Aurasma or Layer. For example when using Aurasma the steps are as follow;

1. Download the Aurasma app and create an account

2. Download and select the trigger image (business card, flyer, poster etc.)

3. Download and add overlay (video, music clip, web link etc.) to trigger image

4. Adjust and resize overlay to ensure it is displayed properly on the trigger image

5. Save and share

Using AR in your business

AR can be used in all businesses from education, to retail to health. Real estate agents can take their clients on a virtual tour of listed properties when they scan the brochure with their phone. Embed a video introduction of yourself and your business on your business card. Get creative in the classroom and use 3D animations to take students on an educational scavenger hunt. Or go that extra mile to help your customers assemble products by embedding instructional videos on the packaging.

If you are just dipping your toes into the AR experience and want to wow your customers then apps such as Aurasma and Layer are an ideal starting point. However, as with using most free apps, there are limits to what can be achieved. As a production company, at Activate Entertainment we create and manage personalised business apps, which eliminates the need for you or your customers to download any 3rd party apps to view the AR experiences.  

While flat video is also a great place to start, you can take your customer engagement to the next level using more sophisticated and advanced AR experiences such as 3D animations.  While these can be linked to printed collateral using the free versions of the AR apps, certain technical skills are required to create 3D animation content and at Activate Entertainment we have a team of animators who can bring your creative ideas to life.

Show your customers that you are forward thinking by changing the way they interact with your business. Turn everyday objects and images into exciting new tools for engagement and discover the possibilities AR can bring to your business today.

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